Adah Sharma: The Kerala Story Actress’s Mobile Number Leaked By An Instagram User

Adah Sharma who appeared in the film The Kerala Story has landed in trouble. After an Instagram user intentionally leaked her personal details on social media.

Adah Sharma

Actress Adah Sharma is currently facing a distressing experience due to an unfortunate incident. An Instagram page, with bitchy intentions, has leaked her contact number, all because of her recent film, The Kerala Story. Opening up about this distressing incident, she reveals the overwhelming gravity of the situation as she found herself bombarded with calls and messages, some of which even contained threats.

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This situation has left Adah feeling like any other girl who would be deeply disturbed by the leaking of her number alongside morphed images. It exposes the perverse mentality of the person responsible, someone who would stoop so low and derive pleasure from such actions. It brings to mind a scene from The Kerala Story, wherein a girl is subjected to bullying by publicly disclosing her contact information. In response, Adah has taken the necessary steps to change her contact number, aiming to regain security.

Adah, aged 31, further reveals that the individual who leaked her contact number is engaged in other wicked activities as well. The authorities have uncovered additional information about this person, and Adah believes that changing her number is a small sacrifice to make in order to see this individual behind bars. It is evident that the leaked number incident is just one aspect of a broader issue.

Adah Sharma firmly stands for The Kerala Story

Adah acknowledges that her film, which tackles the sensitive subjects of ideological and religious conversion following radicalization, has made her a target for such harassment. She firmly stands by her movie, which opposes terrorism and sheds light on the threats faced by our national security. The recent incident exemplifies how terrorists resort to bullying on a smaller scale when they don’t get their way. In times of crisis, it becomes clear who genuinely supports and stands up for you. She expresses her gratitude towards the people of India, who have stood up behind her. They were the ones who discovered the page belonging to the individual responsible for the leak.

The Kerala Story aims to expose a terror nexus and their step-by-step plan, which clearly infuriates those involved. Adah’s unwavering commitment to her film and its message remains firm. She firmly asserts that the people of India have provided their unwavering support. And their efforts in uncovering the culprit’s page are a testament to their dedication.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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