Aryan Khan’s Luxury Streetwear Line, D’YAVOL X Gets Trolled For Its Insanely Expensive’ Prices

D’YAVOL X Aryan Khan’s luxury streetwear line has shocked the fans, as it comes out with the products that are super expensive.

Aryan Khan's Luxury Streetwear Line, D’YAVOL X

On April 30, Aryan Khan‘s luxury clothing brand, D’YAVOL X, launched its website attracting fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan. As they had been eagerly anticipating the launch for weeks, and the buzz surrounding the brand was intense. In fact, so many people tried to access the website but it crashed. The brand later announced that the site was running smoothly.

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However, many Instagram users were shocked by the prices of the clothing. Some commented that the prices were “ridiculously expensive” and that the average person would never be able to afford them. One user even joked that they would have to sell both of their kidneys just to buy one item. Fashion watchdog Diet Sabya also weighed in on the pricing, sharing screenshots of some of the items on their Instagram Stories. One T-shirt was priced at a staggering $24,400, while a black hoodie cost 45,500 and a jacket was more than 2 lakhs.The caption alongwith the screenshorts read, “What is going on? Who has done the costing for this?”

While the prices of D’YAVOL X clothing may be out of reach for many, But it is clear that there is a significant demand for luxury items in India also. Only time will tell whether the brand can continue to capture the attention of fashion-conscious consumers or not..

Take a look at the post below| D’YAVOL X

Aryan Khan's Luxury Streetwear Line, D’YAVOL X Gets Trolled

What makes a luxury brand ‘luxury’ and how the high prices of such brands come about

Well the concept of luxury is often associated with high-quality and exquisite craftsmanship, and luxury brands are known for their exclusive products that embody these values. These brands place a strong emphasis on attention to detail and strive to create products that reflect their customers’ lifestyles, rather than simply being viewed as consumer goods. Luxury brands strive to create products that reflect the unique values and lifestyles of their customers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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