Barbie Movie Controversy: Is The Film Too Mature For Those Under 12

The Barbie movie has sparked a parental debate. As a film that is loved by young children, seems unsuitable for those under 12. Parents got concerned about exposing children to adult-oriented themes.

Barbie Movie

All the young fans out there, are eagerly waiting for Barbie. Because soon they will see her journey from the dollhouse to the silver screen. They are eagerly waiting for their beloved Barbie to come alive onscreen. But amid this, it also sparked controversies related to its 12A rating. The excitement has slightly fainted leaving parents divided between delight and concern. Because the discussions about the film’s adult-oriented content are blooming. Leaving many of them to question if this film is suitable for its young fanbase.

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Parents’ concern over Barbie Movie

One of the parents named Clare Jones, expressed the concern saying “One would expect filmmakers to tailor Barbie’s adventures for a younger audience. It feels as though they’ve forgotten the true essence of Barbie… as if they are trying to rob children of their innocence and push them into premature adulthood.” Whereas another user on the online Mumset said “My child is only nine and loves playing with Barbies. But I’m not sure if I should take her to see this movie. I don’t think she’s ever watched a 12A film before.”

Sharing a similar sentiment, one parent also said, “My seven-year-old is desperate to watch this film, but I’m hesitant due to its 12A rating. It’s absurd to make a movie based on a children’s toy that many children won’t be allowed to see.” So the reactions coming from the parents had sparked heated debate raising valid concerns about the suitableness of adult-oriented content for such a young audience.

About Barbie Movie

Warner Bros. Pictures has brought the iconic Barbie to life. Directed by the visionary Greta Gerwig. The film features Margot Robbie as Barbie and the charming Ryan Gosling as Ken. The heartwarming storyline revolves around a spirited doll living in the vibrant world of ‘Barbie land,’ who faces a challenge to meet society’s expectations of perfection. This leads her on an exciting adventure in the real world, where she searches for her true place and discovers the beauty that lies beyond superficial standards.

Filming of this highly talked about movie commenced in March 2022, and its teaser trailer, showcasing the playful and colorful world of Barbie was unveiled, on December 2022. And finally, it will be there on the silver screens on July 21, 2023.

Here’s the trailer below:

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