Bigg Boss 17 Unveils the First Look of Luxurious And Fancy Pictures Of this Season

Bigg Boss 17 makers left everyone excited after they dropped stunning pictures of the house. So let’s take a sneak peek at the amazing grandeur.

Entance of Bigg boss 17

Salman Khan is yet again back with the fresh season of Bigg Boss to the audience as the fresh season is about to start on October 1. Amid the excitement, the makers unveiled the luxurious and fancy pictures of the beautiful house for the 17th season on Friday leaving the netizens spellbound.

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In a recent video shared by the Bigg Boss 17 team, we got a sneak peek of the luxurious home for the contestants. The caption of the video read, “Bigg Boss ke ghar mein aapka swagat hai! Chaliye pravesh karte hai iss season ke aalishaan aur shaandaar ghar mein jahan Dil, Dimag aur Dum ka lagega buffet!” The new Bigg Boss house has a familiar gym area and a spacious garden. But what exactly sets apart this season is the house’s earthy and serene color palette that has beautiful and awestruck stone and brick flooring and walls in various shades of brown. Chess-themed decorations, including a prominent white horse, adorn the walls, adding a unique touch to the house.

The grand living area boasts a stylish design, complete with a generously sized sofa set featuring brick-printed cushions. Contestants will have the chance to interact with Salman Khan during “Weekend Ka Vaar” on the living area’s television.

The kitchen, which is the center of conflict in the house, has a warm ambiance and aesthetically pleasing dim lighting. with wooden seating

Kitchen Area

Bigg Boss 17

This season’s Bigg Boss house has three distinct bedrooms. One of them transudes a lavender theme, adorned with flowers and floral flooring, that adds an additional charm to its overall look. First time, the Bigg Boss house has included a dedicated therapy room, painted in soothing shades of blue and neon green. This room will be a treat to the contestants as it has a serene look.

Bedroom themed as dil dimag dum

The dimag room of Bigg boss17

Another appealing look that the house has is the archive room, where a massive wooden hand takes center stage. This room is adorned with brown wooden flooring and chess-themed decorations on the wall, creating an engaging ambiance. Also, this year there is also a new twist. This time in the new season the contestants will have access to a telephone. The telephone room has two double beds, vintage decor, and a striking statue of a winged woman hanging over the beds, adding a touch of grand elegance to the house.

Archive Room

Bigg Boss 17 Archive room

Entertainment room

Confession room

After viewing these captivating features and designs, of Bigg Boss 17. It is sure that the fresh season will be exciting and memorable season to watch. A concept that is completely new to both the contestants and the viewers.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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