Bombay High Court Clears Mika Singh Of Allegations For Forcibly Kissing Rakhi Sawant

Mika Singh can finally move forward as he is free from allegations. Here’s how things got reconciled.

Mika Singh

Singer Mika Singh is finally free of allegations as the Bombay High Court dismissed the case against the renowned singer. Who was accused of forcibly kissing Rakhi Sawant back in 2006. This decision comes after careful consideration of an affidavit submitted by Rakhi herself. In her statement, Rakhi Sawant expressed her consent to quash the charges. She highlighted that she and Mika had successfully resolved their differences. Acknowledging the misunderstanding and misconception that led to the dispute. The affidavit stated, “We have amicably resolved all our differences and realized that our entire disagreement stemmed from a mere misinterpretation.”

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Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant controversy

For those unfamiliar with the incident, Mika Singh was charged under Sections 354 (molestation) and 323 (assault) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The case emerged after Mika allegedly kissed Rakhi against her will during his birthday celebration at a Mumbai restaurant. Seeking relief from the FIR and subsequent chargesheet filed by the police, Mika appealed to the High Court in April this year.

The Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant controversy originated from an incident at Mika’s birthday party, that escalated into a major controversy at that time. Mika had explicitly requested his guests not to smear cake on his face, but Rakhi disregarded his request. In response, he decided to “teach her a lesson” by forcibly kissing her. Therefore the singer was arrested on molestation charges but later released on bail. However, fate had a different plan for Rakhi and Mika as they unexpectedly crossed paths outside a coffee shop last year, where they reconciled. Their reunion was marked by Rakhi touching Mika’s feet.

About Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, often regarded as the drama queen of the film industry, made her debut in the film “Agni Chakra” and is widely recognized for her captivating dance numbers in various films. Her participation in reality shows like Bigg Boss, Nach Baliye, and Rakhi Ka Swayamwar has further added to her popularity. She appeared in Bigg Boss Marathi last year and secured a noteworthy payout of ₹9 lacks from the show.

Talking about Mika Singh. He was recently seen hosting his reality show “Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti,” which continues to leave its mark on the entertainment industry. His latest song, “Ragada,” featured in the pan-India film “Chengiz,” starring the talented actor Jeet. With the Bombay High Court’s ruling. Mika Singh can finally put this controversy behind him, allowing him to focus on his creative endeavors and fans

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