Chrisann Pereira Gets Emotional After Being Released From The UAE Jail

Chrisann Pereira, a well-known actor who was detained in a Sharjah jail on April 1 under suspicion of drug-related charges, has been released. According to Joint Commissioner of Police Lakhmi Gautam, Pereira is expected to return to India within the next 48 hours.

Chrisann Pereira

A video was shared by her brother, that shows Pereira becoming emotional after being released from the UAE jail. Her brother can be heard telling her that her release will lead to the freedom of other innocent people. Who have been caught in similar traps. In the video we can see her mother can be seen jumping after hearing the news from her. Pereira’s brother Kevin shared the video on social media, announcing her release. Adding that they still don’t know when she will be landing in India.

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According to Joint Commissioner Gautam, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police conducted an investigation into Pereira’s case, and on April 24, registered a case against the main accused, Anthony Paul and Rajesh Bobate. The complete report of the arrest and investigation was shared with the Ministry of External Affairs, who in turn provided the information to the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Drugs Information Agency.

Take a look at the video below:

What exactly happened with Chrisann Pereira

Things came to light when the Mumbai Crime Branch shared the complete details of their investigation into the case of actor Chrisann Pereira. Who was framed in a narcotics case. The investigation revealed that due to mutual hostility, Anthony and Rajesh Bobate conspired to send Pereira to Sharjah for auditioning for an international web series. She was given a memento that contained drugs, which ultimately led to her arrest in Sharjah.

Recently, on April 25, the Mumbai Crime Branch apprehended two individuals who were responsible for the plot to frame Pereira. They had provided her with a trophy that concealed the illegal drugs. And instructed her to deliver it to someone in Sharjah.

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