Do You Know That Successful Hollywood Actress Margot Robbie Once Worked At Subway And Grocery Stores

Margot Robbie, who is now a successful Hollywood actress, opened up about working at Subway and groceries. Read to know what she did before gaining stardom.

Hollywood Actress Margot Robbie

Once in an interview, Hollywood Actress Margot Robbie revealed that before she became famous, she worked a variety of jobs, including making sandwiches at Subway and working at grocery stores and pharmacies. Not just this but she also mentioned that she had worked as a house cleaner and a salad maker before making it big in the entertainment industry. Yes, you heard it right!

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So here are the details about the various jobs she previously worked in

Subway Sandwich Artist and salad maker: Margot was a sandwich artist at a Subway restaurant in Australia. The actress mentioned in interviews that she worked the night shift and enjoyed the job as it was easy and she was allowed to listen to music while she worked. Also, she was at the cafe where she worked as a salad maker and enjoyed this job because it allowed her to be creative with food and come up with new recipes.

Retail Jobs: The next one she did was a retail job. Yes, Margot has also worked at several retail stores, including a grocery store and a pharmacy. This too she mentioned that she worked as a cashier and helped customers find products they were looking for. She was comfortable with these jobs because they allowed her to interact with people and develop her customer service skills.

House Cleaner: Now this one may sound awkward but it’s true that the Hollywood star Once also worked as a cleaner. Margot has mentioned in interviews that she worked as a house cleaner before she became an actress.

After knowing about Margot Robbie’s past work experiences. One thing is clear she is a hard-working and determined individual. Who opted for a variety of jobs to make ends meet before she found success in the entertainment industry. And this shows that if destiny and hard work go hand in hand they can create wonders.

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