Do You Know That The Man Behind Bigg Boss Voice Is In Sushmita Sen’s New Web Series Taali

Sushmita Sen’s new web series, “Taali,” is making waves among viewers as it tells the story of Gauri Sawant’s life. In this 6-episode series, Sushmita Sen takes on the role of Gauri, and the response from the audience has been really positive. But here’s an interesting fact: The person who plays a crucial role in fighting Sushmita Sen’s case as Gauri’s advocate in the series is none other than Vijay Vikram Singh, the familiar voice behind Bigg Boss! That’s right! The same Vijay Vikram Singh, who narrates the happenings inside the Bigg Boss house, is portrayed as the lawyer who’s battling for transgender rights in the Supreme Court on behalf of Sushmita Sen’s character (Gauri) in the show. So let’s read to know more about some interesting facts about this man

About Vijay Vikram Singh

For those who are yet unfamiliar with Vijay Vikram Singh, he is a name that has graced the screens of Bigg Boss as the narrator. Let us give you some details about the man. The man behind the confident voice in Bigg Boss suffered from alcohol addiction and faced serious health challenges. But the remarkable thing is about the decision he took in his life by rewriting his fate through determination.

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This man named Vijay Vikram Singh hails from Kanpur. He was born into a lower-middle-class family. His childhood dream was to be an army officer. However, his life had other plans for him. As rejection hit him hard when he faced his first SSB interview. This shattered all his aspirations. And at the tender age of 18, he delved into alcohol. The worst part was his 4 years when his life took a darker side resulting in 7 rejections from the Army. Each setback pushed him deeper into the clutches of alcohol. And this consumption got intense at the age of 24. Where he started his day with alcohol.

A point arrived when Vijay’s health deteriorated speedily. Resulting in severe stomach ailment in 2005. The condition got so worse that doctors predicted a 15 percent chance of survival. He even faced a pneumonia attack. PGI Hospital in Lucknow is the witness to his struggle as he spent 30-35 days battling for his life. It was the time when the situation compelled him to reevaluate his choices and transform himself.

Stills of Vijay Vikram Singh from the new web series Taali

Vijay Vikram Singh As Advocate In Taali
Vijay Vikram Singh

Vijay’s path ultimately led him to secure a government job. However, destiny had a grander plan for him. When he got a call for a voice-over artist when he made his way to Mumbai. In 2009 he took a daring leap by leaving his secure government position behind. However, this risk took him to new heights. Vijay Vikram Singh’s voice not only resonated as the narrator of Bigg Boss but also in projects like Family Man 1 and 2, Special Ops, and 777 Charlie. His story stands as a testament that even the darkest moments can lead to the brightest successes.

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