Farah Khan Check-In Into A Luxurious Hotel With Just 40 Pounds Is Not To Be Missed: WATCH

Farah Khan is currently enjoying her vacation in London and has been using her official social media account to post hilarious videos. Her most recent upload will leave you in splits for sure.

Farah Khan

Farah, a notable filmmaker and choreographer in Bollywood, is widely acknowledged for her ability to fascinate her fans. Currently taking a break in London, she’s making the most of her vacation. The director recently shared amusing Instagram reels showcasing her latest venture involving a hotel receptionist.

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On her Instagram, Farah posted a video where she went down on a hunt for a room in London. The clip features her entering a “beautiful hotel” and interacting with the receptionist. Curiously, she inquires, “Can you show me a room?” The receptionist outlines the available services, to which Farah responds, “I have a budget of 40 pounds. What options do you have within that range?” To which he replied I can show you the door.” The unexpected reply leaves Farah astounded, leaving everyone in splits.

Adding a perfect caption, she wrote, “Embracing my desi swag in London! Desigiri! Sabko aati nahi.. meri jaati nahi! #londondiaries Shoutout to Williams the concierge for exceptional acting.” Responding to the video, Maheep Kapoor expressed amusement with laughing emojis. One of the fans said, “We need a comedy show hosted by you, Farah.” One user was even curious to know saying “How did you convince him to join in?” A comment read, “Cast William in your next project, he’s got talent. Outstanding performance alongside you.”

Farah Khan hilarious encounter in London

Earlier in one of the videos Farah had an amusing encounter with a London taxi driver when she asked for directions to Lokhandwala. His response was a simple gesture in a certain direction accompanied by, “It’s just that way.” To which she was puzzled.

Farah Khan holds a prominent position as a filmmaker and choreographer in Bollywood. Her directorial ventures include successful films like Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om, Tees Maar Khan, and Happy New Year. She is married to editor and filmmaker Shirish Kunder, and in 2008, they welcomed triplets – a son and two daughters.

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