From Selling Scrach To $5 Million Net Worth Know About Television Actress Divyanka Tripathi

It’s true that even the most successful people have their own share of struggles and challenges to face. One such example is Divyanka Tripathi. Despite achieving fame and success as an actress, she had to face loads of difficulties. One in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actress revealed that the struggle for an actor doesn’t end even after a show. Because we have to work hard to find her next job and support ourselves financially. There was a time when she had to use up her savings and even sell her gold to make ends meet. However, Divyanka’s dedication to savings helped her in the long run. It enabled her to overcome her financial difficulties and maintain her house and EMIs. Her story is a testament to the importance of saving money, especially during tough times.

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Difficulties that Divyanka had to face during her hard time

Struggle for monthly ration: As per Divyanka, there was a time when she had a pet dog, but faced a daily struggle to pay bills, feed her pet, and run her household. In order to survive, she was willing to do any type of work, even if it paid just Rs 2000 or 5000 a month. She simply wanted to ensure that she had enough money to buy her monthly rations. During this difficult time, Divyanka even asked for small work opportunities in order to make ends meet.

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Sold scrap to survive: Divyanka Tripathi also revealed that there was a time when she used to collect empty toothpaste boxes and sell them for scrap. Because every rupee counted. Divyanka would keep the boxes in a safe place and then sell them to earn money during her financial struggles.

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Divyanka Tripathi’s current net worth

Time is not the same always. After facing hard times she has now achieved a lot with destiny and hard work. As per media reports, Divyanka Tripathi’s net worth in 2022 was estimated to be 37 crores. In addition to her earnings from acting, she also earns income through brand endorsements. She is currently one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. Who charges a staggering 1.5 lakhs per episode for her acting roles.

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