Gehraiyaan composers Oaff-Savera on social media: It’s a good medium….

Composer duo Oaff and Savera have made a soulful space not just in Bollywood but in the hearts of the listeners who vibe through their compositions. The duo came into the limelight with the film ‘Gehraiyaan’, which was well appreciated by the fans.

On Friday, the composers appeared for their performance, the first time on Friday, post which they spilled the beans on how social media and Bollywood have been helping bridging the gap between composers and the fans. From ‘Beqaboo’, ‘Doobey’ or the title track of ‘Gehraiyaan’, Oaff and Savera have ruled the hearts.

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Savera said when asked about the liberty Bollywood offers to the independent artists to come to the forefront. “Yes, now more than ever specially a lot of new directors, production houses and just people are growing in general and realising that it’s good to entertain different kinds of musicians, singers and composers from the genre table. So, I mean its a great thing to have.”

When asked about social media and the evolving culture reels. “We definitely benefited from that. Gehraiyaan had something like 100-1000 reels and Doobey had even more. So, it’s a great way to reach people directly. You don’t make music for reels necessary,” stated Oaff alias Kabeer Kathpalia.

Savera further averred, “It’s a good medium to grow your fanbase and grow your music.”

Oaff thinks it is “cool” for “other creators to use your music and create something new its kind of like the creative process is not ending it’s still going on.” Earlier music composers where left unnoticed, however the norm changed for the better, with ‘Gehraiyaan’, which was out in 2022, Oaff and Savera revolutionized that.

Savera said, “We are grateful.” Oaff added that “I feel like it’s important. We were making independent music before and we get this alot independent musicians telling us that it’s a cool thing that has happened with what you guys have done and honestly we were just making music.”

“We did push for the fact that all the musicians need to get credit. Everybody needs to get paid properly. We need to get our credit where its due because at the end of the day everybody is putting their love and hard work and you need to be recognised for that.”

Sneha Sen Gupta
Sneha Sen Gupta
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