Gigi Hadid: The Super Model Arrested For Drugs Possession In Her Luggage Released On Bail

Gigi Hadid took away all the attention after she was caught with drugs in her luggage. However, she finally got bail. Keeping reading to know more.

Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently made the news when she landed in trouble for having marijuana in her luggage. The incident took place when she was going on a trip to the Cayman Islands. After reaching the airport customs & border control agents found the marijuana during a check at the Owen Roberts International Airport. After which Gigi and her friend were arrested.

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However shedding light on the matter one of her representatives later clarified that the marijuana was legally obtained in New York City, and she had a medical license for it. Moreover, medical use of marijuana has been allowed in Grand Cayman since 2017. So despite the arrest, Gigi’s record remains clean, and she continued to enjoy her time on the island after the incident.

On July 10 a local outlet reported that the officials discovered small quantities of marijuana and utensils to use in their bags. But after the investigations, it seemed like these items were for personal use only. Gigi and her friend were taken to the Prisoner Detention Centre but later released on bail. However, they were fined USD 1,000 for the offense. Fortunately, there were no other charges or convictions recorded against them.

Gigi Hadid gets Bail

Well, it’s good news for Gigi fans that nothing serious happened. Her trip to the Cayman Islands was as great as expected The incident didn’t have any lasting consequences for her. Posting a series of photos on Instagram on Tuesday she wrote with the caption: “All’s well that ends well”. In the photos, she can be seen relaxing and enjoying her vacation. So overall despite being arrested for carrying marijuana, she explained it was for medical use and legally obtained after which she was finally released.

Take a look at her post below:

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