Global Music Icon Shakira Charged Over Tax Evasion Of $7.1 Million In Spain

Shakira has landed in legal trouble over alleged tax evasion in Spain. Read to know more details below:


Shakira has landed in trouble. According to NBC News, Spanish authorities charged the singer on Tuesday in Barcelona for allegedly dodging taxes in 2018 using an offshore account. Reportedly, Shakira failed to pay the above amount to the Spanish government. She claimed to have already paid $10 million in taxes from 2012-14 to American authorities.

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The case is separate from another trial Shakira faces in Barcelona. She is accused of not paying $15.4 million in taxes from 2012-14, a period where she spent over 6 months a year in Spain with then-boyfriend Gerard Pique. Spanish law necessitates people spend 183+ days in the country annually to be considered tax residents. Shakira insists she didn’t cross that duration.

The Colombian superstar and footballer Pique separated last year after 11 years together. Infidelity by Pique was rumored to be the reason for their split. Earlier this year, Shakira rejected a settlement offer to avoid going to trial. She maintains her innocence strongly in both cases. Now the the most recent charges will escalate Shakira’s legal woes in Spain. She can probably face jail time if convicted.

Experts feel Spain aims to make an example of the high-profile case to discourage tax evasion. But Shakira seems ready to fight to clear her name. With her illustrious career, business empire, and children to consider, the stakes are high. One hopes the real truth prevails, whichever side it favors.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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