Is Kendall Jenner Dating World Artist Bad Bunny Here’s What You Need To Know

Recently, rumors started making about a new love couple in Hollywood. According to the media reports, Kendall Jenner was seen kissing the artist Bad Bunny in a private club in Los Angeles.

Kendall Jenner

In June 2022, there was news that Kendall Jenner and NBA pro Devin Booker had broken up after just two years after being together. In November, it then became official that they had gone their separate ways. Both have very busy schedules right now, and they have both decided to prioritize their careers. Although both got separated they still have a lot of love and respect for each other and wish the best for each other. As told by a source. Now Kendall Jenner is again grabbing eyeballs, as it seems that she has started dating again.

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At the beginning of February, rumors spread that Kendall Jenner was spotted with world artist Bad Bunny at a club in LA. According to sources they are also said to have kissed each other. The famous model sister who is currently single was spotted making out with Bad Bunny at a private club in Los Angeles last night. Yet again Kendall was spotted at the same restaurant as Bad Bunny in Beverly Hills at the same time. Her close friends Hailey and Justin Bieber were also present there. Now, this was something that undeniably fueled the romance rumors even further. Initially, everyone thought that it might be a rumor. But now it seems that something is brewing between them.

Kendell and Bad Bunny were spotted together

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