Justin Bieber Faces Backlash for Instagram Posts Supporting Israel Amid Conflict

Justin Bieber recently faced trolls after he shared a post on social media for ongoing violent Israel-Palestine conflict. Here’s the reason why.

Justin Bieber

Popstar Justin Bieber recently sparked outrage on social media after he shared posts extending support to Israel amidst the ongoing violent Israel-Palestine conflict. The singer was slammed for picking sides without ample awareness. The singer first posted an Instagram story with text saying “Praying for Israel” over a bombed war zone image. Quickly realizing the image was actually from Gaza’s destruction, he deleted it. He re-shared another text-only story saying “Praying for Israel” and a broken heart emoji.

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In another story, Justin wrote that he did not want to pick sides but stand with grieving families. He added he was “hurt” for both his Israeli and Palestinian friends.Despite his attempts to appear neutral, Twitter erupted in criticism against Justin’s perceived bias for Israel. Many lashed out at the singer, calling him “out of touch” and “embarrassing”.

Several users blamed Justin’s ignorance and lack of proper research into the nuances of the decades-long conflict. Some comments stated he should have avoided speaking on the topic altogether if uninformed. Other celebrities like Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and reality TV mogul Kylie Jenner also faced outrage for Instagram posts deemed insensitive given the asymmetrical nature of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

A screengrab of the reactions at Justin Bieber’s deleted post:

Let us tell you that the public reaction highlights the need for influencers to comprehensively understand sensitive geopolitical issues before making posts about them to millions of followers. It also shows greater social awareness amongst netizens who are quick to call out perceived misuse of celebrity platforms. Justin Bieber’s attempt to take a stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict backfired badly, damaging his global image. It spotlighted how celebrity opinions on such topics can be scrutinized heavily by watchful social media audiences. The intense scrutiny forces stars to either get well-informed or steer clear of controversies.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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