Kareena Kapoor’s Steamy Scenes In ‘Fida’ Once Sparked Massive Shahid-Fardeen Fight

Love and fights often go hand-in-hand, as evident in Bollywood. Some spats have caused major fallouts, like the Shahid Kapoor-Fardeen Khan rift during their 2004 film Fida. Shahid and Fardeen clashed while shooting, reportedly over steamy scenes between Fardeen and lead actress Kareena Kapoor, who was dating Shahid then. keep reading to know more.

Shahid-Fardeen Fight

Things apparently escalated into an on-set brawl. Shahid was known to be uncomfortable with Kareena’s intimate scenes with Fardeen. For those unaware Shahid-Kareena was in a controversial relationship after falling for each other during Fida. They split after 4 years in a high-profile breakup, with Kareena’s titillating moments with Fardeen cited as a reason.

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Years later, Fardeen called Shahid “immature” for overreacting. He shared, “We aren’t best friends. Shahid had issues and I told him to stop talking about me. Kareena and I are just friends. But the comfort level was high.”Post this, Shahid appeared on Koffee With Karan and denied any rift with Fardeen. He did say Fardeen chose to publicly discuss things rather than addressing them personally. Shahid-Kareena was the talk of B-town back then. Bebo took the first step confessing her love for Shahid. Their passionate affair unfortunately turned obsessive, ending things for good.

Though Fida failed commercially, Kareena-Fardeen‘s chemistry became a highlight. Shahid’s insecurity over their intimate scenes caused friction between the two heroes. Actually, Shahid was quite young then and new to serious relationships. His overprotectiveness over Kareena was possibly a result of youthful naivety. While the matter caused a temporary storm, perhaps it was an important life lesson for Shahid on handling relationships with maturity. Stars having rifts over love interests is common in cinema. But the wise is the one who learns to handle them with grace.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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