Mia Khalifa’s Sheytan Brand Drops Its Hottest Summer Creation ‘Shh! Thong’

Mia Khalifa’s Sheytan the body jewelry brand added a new star to its collection. Check out the most sensual attire embracing individuality and self-expression.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is creating a stir on social media once again, this time with her unconventional body jewelry brand, Sheytan. The brand has just released its latest summer sensation, adding to its renowned collection of chains, necklaces, and lariats. The latest collection that recently became the star of the season is “Shh! Thong”. It is a micro T-style thong that brings fashion and functionality together. This thong features the brand’s iconic golden “Shh” logo and is designed for both land and water adventures. With its adjustable side straps adorned with golden-toned sliders, you can customize it to flatter your figure. That can easily fit.

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Back in July, Sheytan made its grand debut. In a candid conversation with Hypebae, Mia shared her inspiration for launching the label, she said, “Fashion has always fascinated me. It’s an incredibly artistic way to showcase your identity.” The brand is all about embracing individuality and self-expression and takes pride in crafting top-notch pieces that accompany you on every journey. Taking ideas from Lebanese fashion and Mia’s personal style, Sheytan is a brand for everyone.

Mia Khalifa’s Sheytan ‘Shh! Thong’

Mia Khalifa's Sheytan Drops Its Hottest Summer Creation
Sheytan 'Shh! Thong'
'Shh! Thong

According to Mia, Sheytan is dedicated to those who wear lingerie for themselves and wear perfume even when they’re alone at home. She explained to Hypebae, “It’s about feeling confident and empowered. Wearing these pieces ignites that sensuality within you.”

The interesting thing is that Mia Khalifa’s transition into the fashion realm has made everyone’s eyes set on her. After her brief stint in the adult film industry, she’s taken the social media world by storm by solidifying her career in a fashion brand. With each remarkable campaign she is cementing her status further, and her latest venture “Shh! Thong” shows that Mia Khalifa is a permanent fixture in the fashion world.

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