Pakistani National Seema Haider Offered India’s Big Shows Like Bigg Boss 17 And The Kapil Sharma Show

Pakistani National Seema Haider is the most discussed woman who left her home country, Pakistan, and entered India along with her partner Sachin. She is now making waves for joining Bigg Boss 17. Read to know further.

Pakistani National Seema Haider

Seema Haider is making a splash on social media these days. You might have heard rumors that she left her home country and could be on the next season of the Salman Khan-hosted show Bigg Boss 17 or even appear on The Kapil Sharma Show. Many TV and movie offers have come her way, along with her partner Sachin, but they don’t seem too interested in joining the entertainment industry. Seema mentioned that she was indeed approached for Bigg Boss 17 but said that neither she nor Sachin is keen on taking part in the show. She added that if they ever decide to be part of a show or movie, they will let the public know.

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Pakistani National Seema Haider gets film offer

Recently Amit Jani a film producer offered them a role in a movie about a murder case in Udaipur. This offer was made to help them out of their financial troubles. However, they declined the offer. Apart from Bigg Bos 17 They also received an invitation to appear in The Kapil Sharma Show, but they don’t seem to be interested. Seema became known across the nation when she arrived in India four months ago with her four children. She came via Nepal to be with her partner Sachin, whom she met while playing games online.

After their love story became famous, there were even rumors that Seema might enter politics, but those turned out to be untrue. Right now, Seema is dealing with some legal and financial problems, and she plans to consider TV and movie offers only after these issues are sorted out. Whether Seema will enter the entertainment industry or not, presently she has become a social media sensation.

About Seema Haidar

Seema is a Pakistani national, who became the talk of the town after she left her home country and got married to an Indian national named Sachin. She came to India via Nepal, Along with her four children. The lady got married according to Hindu rituals and now attained so much limelight that she started getting offers for films and TV shows due to her popularity.

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