Priyanka Chopra Drops Magical Moments Of Family Trip To Liverpool With Daughter Malti Marie!

Priyanka Chopra, the talented actress currently immersed in the filming of her upcoming movie “Heads of State” alongside John Cena, recently took a well-deserved break from her hectic schedule to enjoy some precious moments with her beloved daughter and family. Treating her fans to delightful glimpses of their family trip to Liverpool, Priyanka shared adorable pictures of her daughter Malti Marie on Instagram, sparking an outpouring of excitement from her followers.

Take a look at Priyanka Chop’s Post below:

In one heartwarming snapshot, Priyanka Chopra can be seen playfully pouting while carrying Malti Marie, while her beau Nick Jonas takes charge of the luggage. Priyanka dons a fashionable oversized black and white printed co-ord set, while Nick opts for a stylish white shirt paired with black trousers. Sharing the pictures on Instagram, the actress added the caption, “Magic #family,” perfectly capturing the enchanting atmosphere of their time together.

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Priyanka Chopra

Continuing the joyous moments, Priyanka Chopra also shared a delightful picture of herself relaxing with her friend Tamanna Dutt and Malti, accompanied by Tamanna’s son. Malti Marie can be seen reveling in the scenic view from the train, with Priyanka holding her daughter close, cherishing the precious bond they share. Another endearing snapshot reveals Malti playing with a purse, dressed in a beautiful pink outfit that complements her innocent charm.

Priyanka Chopra Drops Magical Moments Of Family Trip To Liverpool

Capturing the essence of summertime fun, Priyanka Chopra melts hearts with an adorable picture of Malti Marie enjoying a small pool with a fountain. The netizens couldn’t contain their awe, expressing their astonishment at Malti’s growth in the comments section. One user remarked, “Little PC is growing too fast,” while another gushed, “Love the family time post.”

Nick and Priyanaka

Furthermore, Priyanka Chopra shares a heart-melting photo of Malti Marie taking her first steps. Supported by the guiding hands of her father Nick Jonas and grandfather. Meanwhile, Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra, and her mother-in-law, Denise Miller-Jonas, exude excitement for the vacation in a delightful pose. These precious moments highlight the actress’s dedication to her work while also prioritizing quality time with her daughter and family.

Malti Marie
Priyanka Chopra with family

As Priyanka Chopra immerses herself in the demanding filming schedule for “Heads of State” alongside John Cena. She graciously takes a pause to create lasting memories with her daughter and loved ones. Through captivating snapshots of their family trip to Liverpool, shared on her Instagram, Priyanka Chopra leaves her fans captivated by the adorable and heartwarming moments featuring her beloved daughter, Malti Marie.

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