Priyanka Chopra Said She Won’t Be Sidelined In Hollywood Due To This Reason

Global icon Priyanka Chopra recently revealed that she won’t be marginalized or overlooked in Hollywood, and also said that she didn’t give any audition for Citadel.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, who is set to star in the upcoming Joe and Anthony Russo’s Citadel, has stated that she is secure in her position in Hollywood and will not be disregarded as an actor. Furthermore, she disclosed that she was not required to audition for her role in Citadel, but even if she had to, she is confident that she would have been selected based on her acting abilities.

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In a recent interview, with the media outlet Priyanka Chopra was asked about her experience in Hollywood and whether she had ever felt sidelined or marginalized because of her race or gender. To this, the actress said that she has always been very clear about her goals and has worked hard to achieve them. And never felt sidelined in Hollywood, furthermore, she stated that there is room for everyone to succeed, regardless of race or gender.

Expressing her confusion Priyanka discussed the issue of Indian representation in Hollywood films. Stating that India produces over a thousand movies annually and that Indian technicians are often recruited by Hollywood for various projects. She acknowledged that this is due to the high quality of work that Indians provide. But there is still a lack of Indian representation in Hollywood, despite the clear talent and expertise that Indians bring to the industry.


Priyanka talked about Indian talent in Hollywood

According to Priyanka, there is a pressing need for more opportunities for Indians across the globe, and she is actively working to make that happen in Hollywood. The Sky is Pink actress, revealed that she is currently developing a number of shows for Hollywood that will feature not only Indian actors on screen but also Indian talent behind the camera as writers and directors. The actress is determined to bring more brown faces into Hollywood, recognizing the immense talent that Indians possess and the value of their presence on the global stage.

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