Rakhi Sawant Screams And Breaks Down At The Song Launch Event

Actress Rakhi Sawant recently broke into tears when she reached her new song launch event titled “Jootha”.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, who was in the news for her relationship with Adil Durrani is now in the media for her new music video, titled “Jhootha”. She recently attended the launch event of her new song, which is inspired by her real-life incidents. The video starts with Rakhi immersing herself in a bathtub, crying desperately, and heartbroken. Then it shows how she is performing with some dancers when a fan falls for her and gifts her an expensive car just to impress her. Later they get married in a private wedding ceremony.

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The video further shows that her mother passes away and she goes to see her, but when she returns back, she discovers that the man is having an affair. But when she confronts him, he raises his hands at her. After which she puts him in prison. And at the end of the video, she is blood-stained and crying fiercely. Well, the story in the video portrays her real-life incidents.

At the song launch, Jootha, the actress speaks her heart out, by saying that she is heartbroken, and describing the whole incident Rakhi broke down in tears and started screaming. After the video of the song launch event was shared on the social media platform, many didn’t believe her. But there was one user who wrote “It might be real! But the public is not the right place to reveal the feeling dear Rakhi – stay strong – not everyone has a pure heart like yours! Don’t give them chance to troll you”

Here’s the video below:

Watch Rakhi’s new music video below:

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