Rakhi Sawant’s Friendship With Best Friend Rajshree More Takes U-Turn With Police Complaint

Rakhi Sawant, known as the queen of controversy, has again taken over the spotlight. Her friendship with her bestie Rajshree More has taken a U-turn. Read to know what mess is going around.

rakhi sawant and rajshree

Rakhi Sawant grabbed the spotlight for her relationship with her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani. The two were spotted by the paparazzi many times with each other. However, the relationship ultimately ended up with lots of controversies. Where Adil was finally sent to jail. While her story with Adil is still in talks. Another controversy related to her is now making rounds. Recently the news has been making rounds that her close friend Rajshree More who supported her in many ways has taken a drastic step by filing a police complaint against Rakhi after alleging threats.

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In this unexpected twist. Everyone wants to know what’s the matter. So delve into this unfolding drama to know what’s been happening. Rakhi Sawant has captured media attention for all the right and wrong reasons. Recently, her supporter, Rajshree More, has shocked everyone by filing a formal complaint against the actress. The situation escalated following Adil’s release from jail several months after his arrest. As per Rajshreee Rakhi’s attitude changed when she came up with an unusual plan to handle Adil’s situation. Rajshree says Rakhi advised her to talk to Adil amicably but this started causing problems between them.

Rakhi Sawant, Adil Durrani and Rajshree controversies

According to Rajshree she also has the proof of written records of their talks. That shows Rajshree’s side of the story. She also says that Rakhi asked her to do everything she said without questioning her. Yet she faced a series of threats from the controversial queen Rakhi, which included the threat of filing police complaints followed by damaging her reputation, and career if she did not agree with Rakhi’s demands. On the other side, Rakhi’s response to these accusations had mixed reactions. She expressed surprise. Saying that Rajshree might seek publicity through this trial. She also urged the media to pursue Rajshree interview to get her perspective.

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