Richa Chadha Is Amused Why Men ‘Fetishise Her Character As Bholi Punjaban In Fukrey 3

Richa Chadha in spite of playing a villain in Fukrey 3 as Bholi Punjaban is a ‘much-loved’ character. Here’s how the actress reacted to it.

Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha once again played the role of Bholi Punjaban in the third installment of the popular movie series, Fukrey. The movie was released in theaters last week and has been garnering praise from all over India. Due to its performance. And the acting performed by the actors. Especially, Richa’s character Bholi Punjaban, who has become an iconic figure, among the fans. However, Richa seems to be puzzled about why some men seem to be attracted to the character, despite her being a bully.

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While speaking to DNA. Richa revealed what it is like to be back in the role of Bholi Punjaban after a few years. She compared it to encountering her own worst bully, someone who is rowdy and troublesome. Richa even confessed that she used to be a bit like Bholi when she was 12, beating up boys.

In the film Richa’s character is not just Bholi Punjaban she’s also a politician running a criminal syndicate, making her quite a complex character. Therefore she cannot find it puzzling that so many people, especially men, seem to love Bholi Punjaban. She thinks it might be a passing fascination and that people will get over it once they meet the character in real life. She believes that in India, people tend to have a soft spot for villains in movies. Whether it’s iconic characters like Mogambo played by Amrish Puri or others, they’ve always had their unique catchphrases, and people have loved them as much as the heroes. Bholi Punjaban, being a bold and fearless female villain, fits into this pattern.

Well, that’s true that the character portrayed by her as a strong and humorous businesswoman is something that is not something you see often in movies. And according to the actress that’s why people love her. The actress thinks that Bholi Punjaban will continue to be remembered for years to come.

Arpita Mackelvy
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