Shah Rukh Khan’s Epic Reply When Once Rahul Gandhi Asked For His Advice To Politicians

An old video of Shah Rukh Khan and Rahul Gandhi’s interaction from an event was shared on a fan page. And now the reply of Shah Rukh to Rahul’s ‘simple question’ so many years ago is winning hearts.

Shah Rukh Khan

Back in 2008 during an event, the Congress leader once asked the actor Shah Rukh Khan for guidance and suggestions regarding politics, and to keep his opinion. Interestingly at the event, there were prominent political figures such as then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and BJP leaders Prakash Javadekar and Ravi Shankar Prasad, who attentively listened to Shah Rukh’s response.

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A video clip of the same was recently shared on a fan page. That shows that despite the diverse audience, the actor responded politely yet candidly, earning applause from the politicians in attendance. He said that if politicians were to follow just one piece of advice, the country would prosper. However, as an actor, he joked about himself saying, Look who you have asked this question from. As an actor, I lie and deceit for my living as I am all show and nothing is concrete inside, me. However, he further said “I have immense respect for individuals who have the intention to lead and serve our country. It’s a selfless job that requires honesty and integrity. We must avoid any underhanded dealings and shady activities. If we can run the country in the right way, we can all prosper and take pride in our nation. Therefore, my advice to all politicians is to be as honest as realistically possible.”

Watch the old video below :

This reply from Shahrukh back then that has recently surfaced on social media is winning hearts. One Instagram user wrote, “Those were the times…” Another user applauded Shah Rukh’s response, using clapping emojis and saying “As honestly as realistically possible.” A third comment praised Shah Rukh, claiming he was a man of his word and didn’t engage in any deceitful behavior. Additionally, someone commented that Shah Rukh should run for Prime Minister with their comment “SRK for PM.”

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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