World’s Most Profitable Film With Lowest Budget But Minted Crores Of Rupees Crashing Box Office

So here’s the World’s Most Profitable film that was made on low-budget, but struck gold. Scroll down to know about the film that surpassed all expectations.

Numerous low-budget films have been produced over the years but not every film succeeds at the box office. However, some manage to crash the box office minting crores of rupees. Among them all you will be shocked to know that there is one such film that was made in just 6 lakhs but earned 800 crores giving a shocking experience to everyone. The film not only surpassed all expectations but also achieved tremendous success at the box office even competing with big-budget movies. Keep reading to know about the extraordinary examples. As it’s not The Kerela story or Kahmir files that top the list.

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One such example is an incredible success story “The Kashmir Files,” which made a whopping 2000% profit. The film was made in just 5 crores but earned Rs 341 crore. However, this fades in comparison to an astonishing 13,30,000% profit that was achieved by a Hollywood film back in 2007, making it the most profitable film ever. and we are talking about “Paranormal Activity,” created by filmmaker Oren Peli.

Paranormal Activity,

World’s Most Profitable Film

“Paranormal Activity,” a low-budget horror film. Inspired by the success of “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999, Peli decided to use a found footage format, shooting the entire film with handheld cameras or CCTV. With a minimal crew and only four cast members, the movie’s budget remained restricted to $15,000 which is approx 6 lakhs in Indian currency. After Paramount Pictures acquired it, some changes were made, and additional post-production work brought the total budget to $215,000 (Rs 90 lakh). Despite its modest origins, the film became a super hit, grossing $193 million worldwide (nearly Rs 800 crore). Making it the highest-grossing film on a low budget.

A total of seven films in the sequel to the “Paranormal Activity” series were made that have raked in an impressive $890 million (Rs 7320 crore) worldwide. Surprisingly they were on a mere budget of $28 million. No other franchise stands in competition that can boast such a remarkable success rate. Additionally, “Paranormal Activity” popularized the found footage genre, inspiring several horror filmmakers to use this technique in their works. Some examples of the sequel include “The Last Exorcism,” “Apollo 18,” “The Devil Inside,” and the “V/H/S” series. Overall films like The Kashmir Files and Paranormal Activity proved that creativity and ingenuity can take victory over budget constraints, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Arpita Mackelvy
Arpita Mackelvy
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